Ashley Cherry, MA

Office location: San Diego

Are you having a difficult time with your child or teenager? Is your child experiencing problems that are confusing or difficult for you to handle? I can help. I take special interest in working with couples and families who experience adolescents with various behavioral problems. Additionally, I have experience working with sexual abuse, both victims and perpetrators, specifically adolescents. In situations such as these, everyone in the family is often impacted, therefore I believe in treating not just the child but the entire family. I also address additional factors which may impact you and your family, such as family relationships, cultural backgrounds, and social factors.

Life can be very challenging at times and often when we are overwhelmed with these challenges it becomes difficult to be aware of our own unique strengths and abilities that can help us to overcome them. It is my passion to assist you and your family as you move down the path of uncovering these unique strengths and abilities which will allow you to create a future in which you are the expert of your own life and are able to be your authentic self. As a therapist I am committed to partnering with you in order to help you along this path of discovering resources that will guide you in this journey.

You are the expert of your life, and you can be your authentic self. Please contact me if you are ready to begin your journey of uncovering your unique strengths and abilities and overcome life's challenges.

California Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern #77438
Employed by Caldwell-Clark

Supervised by Aimee Clark, Licensed MFT #43736