Faride Herran 


Office location: San Diego

My goal is to support you with being active in gaining awareness of, and shifting, thought and behavioral patterns that are blocking you from feeling fulfilled within yourself and enjoying relationships. I believe that you can make a difference in your life that can lead you to a more pleasant existence.

Most of us have experienced moments of despair and pain that can sometimes show up as different physical symptoms – letting us know that something needs to be addressed. In those moments of challenge, talking out loud with a therapist can open up a variety of possibilities that – until then – remained blocked by repetitive and/or unproductive thoughts. It may enable a new vision of the problem and, with that, the possibility of responding differently.

Making a decision to seek professional help is not necessarily an easy one. It takes courage and the desire to make a change. All it takes is that first step, which can be empowering and life-altering. During the therapeutic process, we will engage in an active relationship that entails working with your uniqueness, allowing you to discover your potential and develop a new view. In most experiences, this new therapist-client relationship serves as a powerful model for cultivating nurturing relationships outside of your therapy. As an expert of your own life, you will lead the journey and I will serve as a compass that keeps track of the path. In our work together you will find a safe, confidential, and compassionate space. You will be able to gain insight of relationship patterns, blockages, and past experiences that might be creating challenges in your present life, allowing you to regain the joy of life.

My Approach

I have a particular interest in working with clients having relationship difficulties, life transition challenges, cross-cultural issues, domestic violence situations (both survivors and perpetrators), couples, families, and teen prevention.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, I have been trained in a variety of theoretical approaches, finding that working on family of origin, unresolved situations and patterns – as well as relationship issues – will have a positive impact on the present life. I see each person as unique. Therefore, each treatment is tailored to each person’s specific experiences. I have been practicing psychotherapy since 2010 and have developed strong clinical skills that have helped clients make long-lasting and effective changes. I am bicultural and bilingual in Spanish, allowing me to be sensitive and culturally competent in understanding the Latino community.

California Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Associate #99124
Employed by Caldwell-Clark

Supervised by Aimee Clark, Licensed MFT #43736