Gabrielle Moore, MA

California Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern #69106
Supervised by Benjamin Caldwell, Licensed MFT #42723

Office location: Los Angeles

Are you a couple at the breaking point? Are you unsure about whether your relationship can last? I help couples answer the big questions: Should we stay together? Is this person the one?

I will help you to examine patterns of behavior in your relationship, to see where you can improve your communication and more intimately connect with your partner. The things we do that sabotage our relationships can be challenged and changed: you don't have to stay stuck! Ultimately, you can feel more confident in the decision you make about the future of your relationship through this process.

What I believe

My approach to therapy is based on the idea that we all long for deep and meaningful connections with others. Relationships, romantic or otherwise, are where our issues are most obviously played out and, therefore, provide the greatest opportunity to create change. I believe the therapy room is where we learn to turn towards our partner in times of need instead of turning away from him or her to protect ourselves.

People often say that they feel like they date the same person over and over again: that's because THEY DO! The stuff we carry around -- history, beliefs, self-esteem -- impacts who we get into relationships with, our ability to maintain those relationships, and the patterns we repeat again and again with those we love.

My goal as a therapist is to help you understand where your patterns come from, and the purpose they serve, so that you are more capable of having a deep and meaningful relationship. This can be with your current partner, in couple therapy, or in the future, using individual therapy. I believe that all couples and individuals can benefit from the therapeutic process by, at the very least, experiencing the world and others in a new and exciting way.

About me

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and can't imagine doing the work I do anywhere else. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Psychology, and that is where my passion for people and the therapeutic process was developed to begin my doctoral degree at Alliant International University in the Couple and Family Therapy Doctoral program. I have a certificate in Chemical Dependency Counseling, which gave me the opportunity to work with those struggling with addiction from an informed and compassionate lens. I worked with individuals and couples at First Avenue Counseling Centre in San Diego, where I facilitated domestic violence groups and middle school groups.

I make a commitment to my clients and myself to consistently work on my own growth as a clinician and a person in order to be the best therapist I can be. I aim to provide those seeking growth and change the best possible opportunity to achieve those things. Please feel free to visit My Website for more information, or contact me at 323-902-7686 to schedule an appointment.