Individual counseling

Whether you are coping with a diagnosable mental illness, a specific event, or just a life change, Caldwell-Clark's therapists are trained to help. Our team of counselors offers diversity in background, therapeutic approach, and expertise - providing you with many options to support your needs.

Some issues we focus on in individual psychotherapy:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addiction & Recovery
  • Mental Illness
  • Motivation Challenges
  • Relationship Problems
  • Behavior Problems
  • ...and more

For most of our clients, counseling is sought on a short-term basis to solve specific problems. For others, therapy may be a longer-term process, focused on developing relationships, managing mental health issues and related symptoms, or personal growth. Whatever your concern, we would be happy to have one of our therapists meet with you for a no-cost initial consultation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or just to ask any questions you might have.