Mira Masukawa, MA

Office location: San Diego

About Me

I believe therapy is a sacred place. It is a place where the client can express and process feelings without being judged. It is a place lead by empathy, understanding and hope. I am there to provide the tools to help you gain insight into your own healing. I believe the client holds the keys to unlocking their problems and obstacles. My job as the therapist is assisting the client in the unlocking process. I am there to help them find the right key. I am there to hold the HOPE.

My Approach

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
Humanistic Therapy
Focusing on the emotions and how they are affect our relationships and bonds.

Area of Focus

Grief Counseling. I am very drawn to the process of grief, as I believe when one grieves, that also means one loves.


While interning at hospice, I wrote and self published 2 small paperback books to provide my clients with tools in between sessions. The first book,  The Tool Box, Tools For Self Care is a workbook that presents various questions to the reader. It helps them create the coping skills needed during stressful times. It also assist in reframing an ongoing disturbing story, and allows the reader to look at a situation in a different light.


I have a bachelors in Psychology from San Francisco State University. At SFSU, I also obtained a minor in World Religion. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Masters in Marriage Family Therapy from Touro University Worldwide, Santa Ana, California. I recently obtained a certificate in Healing Through Art-Train the Trainer, from the Cal State San Marcos, Palliative Care Program.


I live in a small beach town in San Diego, California. I am a mother of a 17 year old son, and a 10 year old daughter. We have a joyful bichon/poodle named Gracey and an eye-rolling cheeky golden retriever, Caramel. I enjoy meditating and gardening, but unfortunately not cooking. My favorite holiday is Christmas, and I usually put my tree up in October and take it down in February.

California Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern #111060
Supervised by Aimee Clark, Licensed MFT #43736